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Clumping Pine Cat Litter

Material  100%Pinus Sylvestris shaving and clumping agent 
Absorption speed   5 seconds
Water Absorption    About 500%
Dust 99% dust free
Shape Crushed shape
Moisture About 8%
Bulk Density About 0.5g/ml

Outstanding natural odor control without added fragrance.
Low dust and low tracking
Highly absorbent formula fully absorbs urine on contact,leaving your home fresh.
Special clumping formula guarantees instant clumping and the clump is tight enough. Non-crumbly clump is not only for easy scooping,
but also ensure it will not stick to kitty rump.
Uses no chemicals, additives or synthetic perfumes.
Sustainable sourced shavings byproduct from lumber factories,without cutting down new trees.