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Crushed Tofu Cat Litter

 Material Natural pea fibers,corn starch and guar gum
 Moisture  <10%
 Density  0.65g/ml
 Shape  Crushed shape
 Water Absorption  About 400%
 Dust  99% free

Soft Touch
  Made of all natural tofu and corn starch. Ultra-soft texture accommodates cats with sensitive paws.
  Unscented tofu cat litter is clay,chemical and toxic free, no perfume and dyes.
Dust Free
  Dust free formula to protect cat respiratory system. No more dust clouds when pouring or scooping.
  Keeping your litter box area and home clean  and healthy.
Earth Friendly
 The clumps are biodegradable and flushable into toilet or garden as fertilizer.
Super absorbency and deodorization
  Highly absorbent formula quick soaks up cat urine; naturally neutralizes strong odors on contact.
Smaller and Non-crumbly Clumps
  Special formula and plant-derived particles help creat smaller and solid clumps for easy scooping.