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How to teach kittens to use litter?
Post Time: 2020-10-06
First. Cats had better not be caged. Cats like to move around freely. Let them know every corner of the house.
Second. Bury its poop or urine-stained paper towels under the cat litter, and then put it in the litter box and let cats smell. It is best to dig the litter with its paws to show cat how to bury the excrement.
Third. The litter box is best placed in a hidden corner. Many cats don’t like to go to the toilet in an “righteous” way. They also don’t like that the toilet is in the place where they eat and sleep. Your placement.may make them mistakenly think It's a nest or toy for it.
Fourth. After it develops the habit of defecation in the litter box, remember to clean it up in time, especially if you use crystal cat litter which is not very absorbent, too much urine will easily accumulate under the cat litter , The cat loves to be clean, and may not defecate in the litter box because of the heavy smell.
Fifth. Appropriate cat litter is very important. Kittens are recommended to choose tofu cat litter. Generally, tofu cat litter is made of edible ingredients, with low dust and fast clumping. If a kitten eats it, it won't be a big problem.