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The explosion of cat commercial platforms
Post Time: 2020-09-14
Weibo is a cloud-raising base for cats and a place where cat dimensional culture spreads rapidly; at the same time, pet trading platforms and pet supplies platforms have also exploded with the advent of the Internet era. The commercialization of cat culture further detonated the cat economy.
The first is Weibo. In the promotion of the Weibo platform, various cats have become Internet celebrities among animals. For example, "Guosite" has accumulated super popularity with the "Cat World F4" at home. It publishes comics and designs. Peripheral products, sales are considerable; another example is the recently popular blogger "Rou Rou must go to bed early"; in just a few months, relying on live broadcast of the daily life of his love cat "Rila", he has gained more than 600,000 fans. It also brought considerable advertising revenue.
The development of the cloud-catching culture has further stimulated the shopping desire of cat owners, and the explosion of pet platforms has further promoted the realization of this desire.