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The number of cat owners and pet cats in China continues to rise
Post Time: 2020-09-07
From 2016 to 2018, the number of pet cats and the number of cat owners in my country continued to increase, and both maintained a growth momentum of about 10%. By 2018, the number of pet cats reached 40.64 million and the number of cat owners was 22.58 million.
There are deep-seated reasons behind the rapid increase in the number of cats. First of all, China has a unique family structure, namely the elderly, office workers and only children. For the elderly, keeping pet cats has become an important pillar for solving spiritual loneliness and enriching spiritual life. The existence of the only child makes keeping pet cats a way to cultivate children's love and sense of responsibility; for office workers, pet cats become a way to relieve the fast-paced life in the city and release stress. According to the data of the "2018 China Pet Industry White Paper", more than 80% of users treat pets as children and relatives, and the role of pets as people's life partners is becoming more and more prominent.