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China's Cat Economic Status
Post Time: 2020-08-31
Since 2016-2018, the scale of China's pet cat market has shown rapid growth. In 2018, the scale of China's pet cat market reached 65.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.64%.
In 2018, my country's cat economy is very different from other countries in terms of channel growth distribution. The cat economy in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany has a long history, and its growth rate is relatively slow. It has long formed a channel structure where grocery retailers and specialty retailers are the mainstay and other channels are supplemented. Most of the growth in emerging markets such as China is contributed by e-commerce channels. This is mainly due to the high penetration rate of China's e-commerce, pet cats and e-commerce audiences are consistent, and e-commerce channels are easily accepted. Looking further, the online scale of pet cat economy accounts for 38%, and the offline scale accounts for 62%.