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Cat litter drives an industry
Post Time: 2020-07-21
With the advent of urbanization, the relationship between people and pets has undergone subtle changes. The main pets of mankind are cats and dogs, but once people enter the city, they will find that dogs are not easy to carry.
The dog needs to go out for a walk, and the dog needs to be accompanied every day. But cats are different. The appearance of cat litter indicates that cats can be kept indoors. As long as cats are given enough food, water and litter, cats can stay indoors by themselves for 10 days.Many people want to raise a pet that doesn't bother much ,cats have a great advantage.
The annual sales of cat litter worldwide has reached more than US$5 billion.
A series of peripheral products surrounding cats: cats, cat food, cat crawling frames, cat scratching boards, cat sofas, cat litters, cat toys, cat doctors. What a big industry this is. Following to the source, Ed • in 1947 Roy invented cat litter.
Many businesses start from small inventions and ideas.