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Why choose natural cat litter instead of clay cat litter?
Post Time: 2020-04-07
Clay cat litter is the most popular type on the market because it’s effective and affordable , it comes with some serious drawbacks.
Traditional clay litter , is both environmentally damaging and potentially dangerous for your cat’s health. The natural clay is obtained through strip mining, a process that damages the natural ecosystem. It’s not biodegradable.
The clay litter releases silica dust when a kitten rakes the litter. Silica dust is a known carcinogen and thus not something that you or your cat should inhale.
Millions of pounds of clay litter end up in landfills each year, and you help decrease that number by using a natural kitty litter.
Natural cat litter does not have the above disadvantages. It is time for a change. Using a natural cat litter is beneficial to the health of your cat and our planet.