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Selection of main ingredients of tofu cat litter
Post Time: 2020-02-10
Tofu cat litter, as the name suggests, is made from bean residues. Do you know what kind of bean? In addition to the product formula and production process, the choice of different varieties of beans also has a great impact on the quality of the final product.
At present, tofu sand manufacturers will choose two types of bean residue, one is pea residue and the other is soybean residue. Compared with soybean, pea has no beany smell, and the product does not have a sour smell after a long time. In addition, peas are not allergens and people who are allergic to beans can also use the cat litter. The price of pea residue is higher than that of soybean residue, resulting in a slightly higher price of the final product, but the performance and use experience of tofu cat litter based on pea residue is very good, which fully demonstrates the superiority of tofu cat litter products.