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The danger of silica cat litter
Post Time: 2020-02-03
Silica cat litter is one of the most popular types of cat litter on the market. It absorbs cat urine and eliminates the odor. However, some health concerns exist. Silica dust contains silica particle which is a known human carcinogen according to the International Agency on Cancer. Breathing in this silica dust may pose a health risk to you and your cat.
In cats, inhaling the silica dust can cause respiratory infections. Silica dust often sticks to cats paws, and settles on their fur, leading to ingestion whenever a cat grooms itself. When ingested, the litter will expand and absorb moisture in the intestines preventing the absorption of nutrients as well as cause dehydration and blockages.
Luckily, a growing number of cat owners are actively exploring ways to reduce the risk to their cats and turn to natural cat litter.
Tofu cat litter is a chemical-free, silica dust free and clay free alternative that protects you, your cat and your family from the risks associated with traditional clay litter. This clumping cat litter is absolutely natural and perfectly comfortable for both pet and owner.