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Why do we say clay-based cat litter is not environmentally friendly?
Post Time: 2020-01-13
Traditionally,clay cat litter is unfriendly to the environment. It has a damaging manufacturing process due to the strip mining involved; it is made from clay which has been strip-mined and can contain nasty toxic compounds such as silica. Aside from the toxicity, they are not biodegradable.
You should never use clay based, sand based or silica cat litters of any kind in your garden or compost heap.
Clay Cat litter disposal presents a unique set of challenges for cat owners. Some estimates indicate that more than 2 million tons of clay litter is disposed of each year in the United States, so the sheer volume of used cat litter has a significant impact on landfills. The disposal issue is further complicated by the rules that some states and communities have enacted in an effort to protect both the environment and the citizens.