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Why can't you shake when shoveling excrement with paper cat litter
Post Time: 2019-12-09
First, because the agglomerating capacity of paper cat litter is not strong, the paper sand contaminated with urine will fall back to be repeatedly used by shaking off, resulting in the second pollution of clean paper sand.
Secondly, the wet paper cat litter is easier to crush, shaking will shake the paper back into the litter box, which will cause the problem of dust when the cat next uses it.
Third, paper litter has a week deodorization ability, and shaking the contaminated paper back into the litter box will make the clean litter smell bad.
Tofu cat litter clumps better, and the odor absorption effect is stronger, so the cat owners will shake off the excess cat litter back to the cat litter basin to avoid unnecessary waste.