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Corn cat litter
Post Time: 2018-04-21

Cats are meticulously clean animals and spend hours grooming themselves each day. This means they can be picky about things like their cat litter. So it is important to get it right. Make sure the kitty litter you use works and is of high quality is important to mutual happiness for you and your pet.
There are dozens of cat litters on the market, but a good place to start is by crossing off your list all litters that are clay-based, and that attempt to control odor with fragrance, which can be a real turn-off for many cats. The next step is to learn how to recognize a high quality, natural product that does the job right, and that your cat will like. The best cat litters are not only healthy, safe and attractive to felines, but also convenient and as mess- and odor-free as possible.
Corn cat litter is made with natural corn powder.Corn is known to be silica dust free and without added synthetic chemicals or fragrances, you and your cat can breathe easy knowing that there will be no allergic reactions. Corn is also a fantastic absorbent of ammonia, which is present in cat urine.