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The reason why the cat suddenly does not use cat litter
Post Time: 2019-10-14
1. If cat owner suddenly change a new cat litter with a different smell, and the cat probably won't use it.  The owner should first mix the new cat litter in the old one, let the cat familiar with the smell of the new cat litter, and then slowly replace it.
2. Cats don't like the fragrance of cat litter. The fragrance is only fragrant for us. It is a pungent smell for cats. They don't like it.
3. Cats don't like the texture of cat litter. The owner should try several kinds of cat litter. And find the one cats like best.
4. The cat's nose is sensitive. If the cat litter has more dust, the cat may sneeze , which will also cause the cat not to use the litter. In this case, the owner should replace the cat litter with dustless formula.
5. The owner did not clean the litter box for a long time, and the cat did not want to use it if the cat litter was too dirty.