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The difference between crystal cat litter and tofu cat litter
Post Time: 2019-10-07
The main component of crystal cat litter is silica, so it is also called silica sand. Crystal cat litter has good water absorption. Its particles are relatively large and the dust is relatively small, but the cat may feel a little pain when it is stepped on it. Another is that it has a poor ability to clump, and it is not very convenient to handle the feces.
The shape of the crystal cat litter is similar to that of glass beads. If the cat is more fond of playing cat litter and stealing cat litter, the cat owner should pay attention. Because some crystal cat litter is toxic, if the cat eats it, it will make it uncomfortable. If it is serious, it should be sent to the hospital in time. Therefore, the cat owner should be careful to prevent the cat from stealing.
 The main components of tofu cat litter are bean curd residue, tofu fiber, etc. The material is relatively simple, so it is nothing to accidentally eat one or two cats, but if the amount is large, it should be noted. Tofu itself has a good taste, so its deodorizing ability is better, it can cover a relatively large smell. Its texture is relatively light, and it is easier to carry, and it doesn't take much effort.
 And tofu cat litter is soluble in water, so when you clean it, just pour it slowly into the toilet and wash it away. It is convenient and easy. However, tofu cat litter tends to stick to the litter box, and it may take a little effort to wash the litter box.
 Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the cat owner can choose the appropriate one according to the actual situation of his cat. I prefer tofu cat litter, it is easy to clean and saves a lot of time.