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The composition, advantages and disadvantages of crystal cat litter
Post Time: 2019-09-23
We usually call crystal cat litter as silica gel litter. Its main component is silica. This chemical is non-toxic, tasteless, water-insoluble and has strong physical properties. People use crystal in the dry field.
Advantages: Crystal cat litter has strong hygroscopicity and is very effective against cat stench and urine. In addition, it is insoluble in water so it won't clump. We can judge whether it should be replaced according to the change of crystal sand color. And the crystal sand is almost dust-free and will not cause damage to the indoor environment. Moreover, the crystal sand particles are beautiful and can be accepted by both humans and animals.
Disadvantages: The quality of the crystal cat litter is very light and easy to be seen by the cat, which brings trouble to the cleaning of the floor. In addition, although the crystal sand has a low breaking rate, it is not without such possibility. The dust after the crushing will have an effect on the cat's respiratory tract. As the value of the cat litter, the crystal sand is so cute that it is very easy to be played by the little master and swallowed, posing a danger. Moreover, although the non-agglomerated crystal sand has good adsorption capacity, it can't be cleaned like agglomerated sand, so it may smell bad.