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The reason why cat litter is crumbly
Post Time: 2019-08-12

Cat litter clump is generally not fragile,otherwise agglomerating cat litter will lose the meaning of existence. .In order to avoid breakage of the clump, we should find out the reasons.
1. Store the cat litter improperly
If not properly preserved, good cat litter may also become less likely clumping or crumbly clumps due to moisture or other causes.
Store cat litter away from water and keep it dry. In addition, user should plunge the open of the bag in time to isolate moisture and small insects. This way, cat litter can be used better during the shelf life.
2. It is the poor quality cat litter
 Good quality cat litter can become solid clump when contact with urine and easy to scoop away.. If it is always scattered, check the cat litter. Look at if the packaging of cat litter is formal or not.. If you have any conditions, you can contact the merchant to ask.
3.Incorrect scooping way
It is also necessary to shovel the cat litter skillfully. When shoveling the cat litter, the strength of the cat owner should be appropriate. Do not squeeze the cat litter. Just shovel from the bottom.