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Why does the cat litter need to be changed completely?
Post Time: 2019-08-05
Cat litter is mainly used by the cat to bury feces and absorb urine. The cat litter will become dirty after long time usage, even with bacteria breeding if owner doesn’t replace litter thoroughly on a regular basis.

1. Clean the cat litter on time
Cats will use the litter every day, and cats don't like to use it when the litter is dirty. This requires the cat owners to clean the litter regularly, usually three times a day. If the cat owners don't have time, they can do it once in the morning and once in the evening to keep the litter clean.

2.Replace cat litter regularly
The absorption, clumping and deodorization of cat litter will change with a long usage. Therefore, cat owners should replace the litter regularly, usually once a month or once a half a month. Cat will feel happy when using the clean cat litter.

3.Choose good quality cat litter
Good cat litter has a superior performance in clumping, absorption and deodorization. Cat owners can try using Tofu cat litter for their cats. Its ingredients are safe, easy to clean and no harm if cats swallow it accidently.