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Good quality and bad quality tofu cat litter
Post Time: 2019-07-22
Cat litter, which is basically used by all cats. Comparing with pine and bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter is more environmentally friendly, deodorant and easy to clean .However, quality and effect vary with the price.
Good quality tofu kitty sand will keep good smell even with moisture. The pellets can absorb urine quickly, avoid sticking to tray bottom. The pellets are not easily broken, and can remain intact after the cat steps on them. No stinky bomb when you shovel the waste.
The smell of low quality tofu kitty sand is easy to be affected by moisture. Low water absorption rate makes particles easy to gelatinize after contact with water, thus easy to stick to the bottom. The pellets are easily broken with cat stepping on them. There are stinky bomb when you deal with them.