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Why do we label bags of tofu cat litter with Kg or Lbs?
Post Time: 2019-07-08
Now most of the tofu cat litter bags on the market are marked with Liter, for example 6L.
But we would like to use Lbs and Kg as our package unit, not Liter.

We want to explain it in two aspects.
Frankly speaking, we don't understand why mostly suppliers use liter as their unit. For example, if the package is 6L, the weight of product should be 6L*0.6kg/L=3.6kg, but i believe that almost all the weight of product in 6L in the market is less than 3.6kg.

We have investigated many cat litter packages in the market, the weight in 6L is from 2-3kg, this is not guild regulations, this is not a fixed data. So we choose to pack and sell cat litter in Lbs or Kg, they are accurate units.
Based on the above two points, we think Lbs or Kg is reasonable package unit of cat litter.