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Corncob cat litter is different from Tofu cat litter
Post Time: 2019-07-01
Corncob cat litter is not the same as tofu litter,so pet owners should not confuse the two. These two types of cat litter are both environmentally friendly. If pet owners don't know how to choose , they can learn about the two types of litter before making a choice.
Corncob cat litter is environmentally friendly cat litter, using corn starch,corn cob and other materials. With the safe materials, there is no problem if cat swallow the pellets by accident. From the use of the feeling, the agglomerating and deodorization of corncob cat litter is good, and the weight is relatively light, girls can handle it easily. In addition, the dust is relatively light, pet owners don't have to worry about cat nose stimulation.
There are also a lot of people who use tofu cat litter,because the material used by the cat litter is also environmentally friendly, with tofu residue, don't have to worry about the cat swallow it accidentally. And its deodorization and agglomerating is also good. Tofu cat litter has a variety of flavors for customers to choose.