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What is pine wood cat litter
Post Time: 2019-06-04
Cat litter is an indispensable tool for every cat owner, and there are many different kinds of litter on the market. Pine wood cat litter is one of the most common cat litter, which is made of pure pine wood shavings as raw material, no dust or dust is small, do not cause air pollution. Pine wood cat litter really has many advantages. Its moisture absorption, deodorant, antibacterial ability is good; pellets can absorb the moisture and decompose the ammonia in pet waste quickly, effect is better than the traditional clay cat litter. Pine wood cat litter particles are relatively large, so it is more economical to use, compared with the traditional cat litter, and the friction between particles is high, not easy to roll, the cat step on it without sinking feeling. Clean up also is more convenient, you can clean it every two days and throw the waste into toilet directly.