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Train your cat to poop in the litter box
Post Time: 2021-12-09
When a pet cat's tail is raised and accompanied by a crouching motion, it indicates that it is going to poop. At this time, the owner should quickly put the cat in the bedpan, let the cat know that the litter box is a place for excrement.
After a period of repetition and reinforcement, a smart cat will learn to go to a fixed place when it comes to defecating.
 Cats are animals that don't like change in their lives. So once the owner has determined the cat fixed defecation place, do not arbitrarily change. 
The cat's toilet should not be placed near the cat's nest, nor should it be placed in a noisy place. The litter box should be placed in a quiet place.
When the cat is found defecating in public, the owner should stop the cat's behavior in time, and take the cat to the litter box, and then let the cat relieve itself. Do not stop training your cat until the cat is fully used to using the litter box.