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How to judge the quality of pine cat litter?
Post Time: 2021-05-10
The appearance of pine cat litter particles is not very different, but there are good or bad differences in quality. Low quality pine cat litter will smell very bad, with a smell of formaldehyde, at the same time, uneven particles, poor water absorption. High quality pine cat litter uses pure pinus sylvestris as raw material, which will only have a fresh pine fragrance, can quickly absorb water, no dust.
There are also differences in the production process. If the particles are pressed tightly, although the dust is less, the water absorption capacity of the particles will be relatively poor; If the particles are pressed loose, the water absorption effect is good, but the particles are loose and easy to be crushed, causing the problem of more dust.
Our pine cat litter use pure pinus sylvestris as raw materials, taste pure and fresh. Excellent compression ratio in the production can ensure the integrity of the particles and low dust, and also ensure the absorption speed of the particles. Product quality is recognized by the majority of consumers.