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Cats like to shake their heads while eating
Post Time: 2021-03-15
You may have noticed that cats sometimes shake their heads while eating, and throw food all over the floor! Why is this?
In fact, this is because in the past when the ancestors of cats lived in the wild, they needed to hunt small animals to survive. Sometimes they always caught large voles or prey that could not be eaten by a single bite, so they would Bites into the meat of the prey with sharp canine teeth, then shakes the head to tear the meat off. Although domestic cats may have never hunted in their entire lives, this behavior has been inherited from generation to generation and has become natural. Even if they eat canned meat or dry food, they do not need to bite at all, cats still have this behavior. Appearance, this is their life skills, if they unfortunately become stray cats someday, they can live on their primitive instincts.