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Which type of Tofu Cat Litter to Choose?
Post Time: 2021-01-11
3mm is the specification when the tofu cat litter first appeared, and then based on market feedback and demand, we improved and introduced the 2mm and crushed litter.
The thinner or crushed particles perform better in terms of water absorption speed, good clumping and not easy to stick to the bottom, but it is easy to be taken out by cat claws.
As for the coarse diameter of the cat litter, the gap between the particles is relatively large, so the urine will be relatively fast penetration, which may also be the reason for the incidence of bottom sticking.
It may be impossible to find a perfect tofu cat litter, and different types of tofu cat litter always have their own advantages and disadvantages. It seems that the 2.0mm diameter tofu cat litter is a compromise choice at present.