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Several habits of cats when eating
Post Time: 2020-11-30
Cats usually don't eat iced things, even if the iced things are their favorite foods, they will not eat them. Because after the food is chilled, the original taste will disappear. Although cats are greedy, their tastes are still very picky.

 Almost most cats will leave a little bit on the bottom of the bowl while eating. They keep a little food, just because they are afraid that they will have nothing to eat for the next meal, so they keep a little food for themselves!

 When many pet owners see the cat not eating, they think that the cat is sick, and then take it to the hospital. In fact, this is not necessary. The cat behaves like this because it has eaten too much of this food and has eaten enough. If you change it to a different kind of food, it will taste delicious

If you have carefully observed cats eating, you will definitely find that cats always shake their heads while eating. Why? It turns out that by doing this, the cat can effectively shred the food to facilitate self-feeding.