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An important manifestation of cat culture
Post Time: 2017-12-05

The use of cat litter is an important manifestation of cat culture. Cat litter is invented by the United States in 1948. The early cat litter is non-clumping for cat feces. After 50 years of research and development, its quality is very good. Now we usually use clay cat litter, plant cat litter, silica cat litter and so on.
Cat litter accounts for a surprisingly large chunk of that total cost – about $165 a year. In fact, the average cat owner actually spends more on litter than on food.
Faced with that cost, it’s tempting for cat owners to grab the cheapest cat litter on the shelf – most likely a clumping clay litter. However, the cheapest litter isn’t necessarily the best bargain. Natural cat litters, made from plant-derived particles such as corn and soybean, offer more options for disposal, and there’s some evidence that they’re also safer, particularly for kittens. And best of all, for some owners, a natural cat litter can actually cost less in the long run.
Tofu cat litter is a kind of natural cat litter which is made by 100% food grade material(soybean residue). This cat litter is clumping, biodegradable, low dust and flushable. It is environmentally friendly to both cats and the world.