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2mm Tofu Cat Litter
2mm Tofu Cat Litter

Material Beancurd residue and corn starch
Moisture <10%
Density 0.55g/ml-0.65g/ml
Water Absorption About 400%
Diameter 2mm
Length 4mm-10mm
Shape Granules
Dust Free


Soft touch  ultra-soft texture accommodates cats with sensitive paws.
Safe   natural cat litter is clay,chemical and toxic free.
Dust free formula to protect cat respiratory system.
Earth friendly   the clumps are 100% biodegradable and flushable into toilet or garden as fertilizer.
Super absorbency and deodorization   highly absorbent formula quickly soaks up cat urine,natural neutralizes strong odors on contact.
Smaller and non-crumbly clumps special formula and plant-derived particles help create smaller and solid clumps for easy scooping.